The events in this page took place during the final week of Jesus’s earthly life, Holy Week or Passion Week: From Palm Sunday (or Triumphal Entry) to Easter (or Resurrection Sunday).
This is the most consequential week of the history of mankind and we pray that, as you carefully examine  the claims of Jesus, you will acknowledge him and your life will never be the same again.

02 April 2023
Palm Sunday

Holy Week 2023 Day 1: Triumphal Entry on Palm Sunday Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday and ends with Easter Sunday. During this one week, many ...

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03 April 2023
The cleasing of the temple

Holy Week 2023 Day 2: After Palm Sunday, Jesus returns to Jerusalem and cleanses the temple.

Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday and ends with Easter Sunday. During this one week, many ...

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04 April 2023

Holy Week Day 3: Temple debates and Olivet Discourse

On Holy Tuesday, religious leaders escalated their conspiracies to trap and arrest Jesus. They will eventually ...

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05 April 2023
30 pieces of silver coins

Holy Week Day 4: Wednesday - No major public activity, but ...

Jesus remained in Bethany on this day, but Judas Iscariot first conspired to Betray Jesus. He ...

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06 April 2023
The Last Supper

Holy Week Day 5: Holy Thursday - The Last supper, the Passover meal

This is the last time Jesus will dine with his disciples before his arrest and crucifixion. ...

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07 April 2023
Good Friday

Holy Week Day 6: Good Friday - Jesus is crucified at Golgotha

Jesus prayed with agony on this Friday morning. He is then arrested by the roman soldiers. ...

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08 April 2023
The stone, the seal and the guard

Holy Week Day 7: Holy Saturday, Jesus' tomb is sealed and guard posted

The Guard at the Tomb We read in Matthew 27:62-65, that "62 The next day, the one after Preparation ...

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09 April 2023
Resurrection Sunday

Holy Week Day 8: Resurrection Sunday. Jesus is Alive!

Today is the 3rd day since Jesus was buried, as stated in Matthew 28:1-10,   "After the ...

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