Not a fish. How to catch a fish.

Not a fish. How to catch a fish.

In this project, we provide guidance and support for agricultural and other skilled trade, training for soap making, and establishing mills for producing wheat and corn flour. We are also providing micro-finance to help start small businesses.

It is estimated by some sources that the number of people suffering from chronic hunger reached  1.5 billion in 2015 and some parts of the world seems to always be in a continuous food crisis.

We plan to respond to this crisis because of PWMI’s commitment to the life and dignity of every person.

We are finding ways that can both meet the immediate needs of those suffering from hunger (short term responses or giving them a fish) as well as reduce the impact of the crisis in the future.

Part of the cause of persistent and increasing poverty, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, despite decades of food programs and conferences, is that sponsors of some of these programs failed to empower those on the receiving end so that they could sustain themselves after the sponsors had left.

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