One child trained leads to a village transformed.

One child trained leads to a village transformed.

According to many African cultural belief systems, a “woman is a stranger in her father’s house and a stranger in her husband’s“. Woman are generally not able to own land in their own name and many other responsibilities.

Orphans are generally at a higher disadvantage and requires special attention.

In many areas of Africa, there is little incentive to educate female children. For this reason, we believes that the education of young girls must be encouraged, and intentionally supported.

Through Passion Week Ministries’ “One Child Trained, One Village Transformed” project”,  We work to encourage and provide scholarships, as available, for children from elementary school age through college.

This project also enables Passion Week Ministries to provide school supplies and equipment to schools both for teachers and students in need, in order to curtail illiteracy.


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