Ways to participate in Unreached People Missions through Passion Week Ministries

Join the Passion Week Ministries Partners Network

By joining the Passion Week Ministries global network of friends and partners, you become part of a family of Believers excited about providing social and spiritual relief services to a special segment of the world population: the remaining Not-Yet-reached people groups and urban poor of Africa directly South of the Sahara Desert. You will finally be able to tangibly and effectively touch thousands of lives in a culturally relevant manner.

There is no condition, no fee or any other commitment to join the Partners Network. It is the best first step to connect and explore other opportunities to participate in our activities. You will receive a beautiful partnership packet including your own personalized physical card and an online account called "My PassionWeek", your profile in the Passion Week Center online.

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Adopt a Passion Week Ministries Cause/Project

Please take some time and review the list of causes and projects we are currently engaged in. If you feel moved and pick interest in a certain project, you can adopt an aspect of the project for various kinds of support. You may be moved to sponsor an orphan or underprivileged girl in Africa through our "One Child trained, a village transformed" project or provide clean water to a village through our "Water for the Sahara" project. Click here to read more about our projects and causes and use the form below to express your desire, so we can send you additional information for the next steps:

Receive Information about our projects

Consider Serving with Passion Week Ministries

Passion Week Ministries does not have paid staff. Even our local workers are encouraged to raise support through various means, even though we guarantee a minimum level of support, trusting in God to touch every partner's heart to chip in.

Please consider putting your time, talent, resources for the work of Ministry. Choosing to Serve with Passion Week Ministries is a rewarding experience because we believe for that to happen, you must have felt that your calling in life somehow intersects with the mission of Passion Week Ministries. That is, you have a burden for the unreached people groups and urban poor of Africa. You have a burden for those in both social and spiritual need.

Please fill out the short form below so we can share next steps with you:

Donate today or become a Monthly Donor

While we believe in the power of prayer, the power of going to the unreached people where they are, we are keenly aware that most of our activities cannot happen without financial support. That's why we believe your participation through financial and other in-kind donations is equally needed. In fact, it is desperately needed for any significant impact to be made

We believe some are also called to Serve As Senders by financially supporting a church planting project, a water well project, etc. Your "One time" or "Monthly donation" is really appreciated and we hope and pray you decide to serve as Sender

Subscribe to Passion Week Ministries Newsletter

The foundation of your participation in World Missions is to be informed, engaged and up to date with the progress of the missionary enterprise. It is a little challenging to follow all the development in all parts of the world all the time. 

You are reading this because you have a special interest in the African Missions, and specifically the work being done among the Unreached People groups of Sub-saharan Africa.

Subscribing to our Newsletter is a good way to remain engaged not only with the work being done through this ministry in Africa, but noteworthy developments and events in the global evangelistic enterprise.

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Subscribe to the Passion Week School Of Applied Passion

The School of Applied Passion is where we pursue, we produce and proclaim the Principles behind the Person, the Passion and the Power of Jesus Christ.
We are also creating partnership with a network of reputable Bible schools providing contextualized training for effective Ministry among the unreached people groups of Africa.
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Info and teachings from the School Of Applied Passion
You will receive regular teachings on Discipleship (Growing in Christ), the Kingdom of God and Unreached People Mission Exposure.

Like & Share Passion Week Ministries Causes on Social Media

The world has gone digital. More people "live" in the internet, through various social media network such as pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp, and much more. Click the link below to share our causes with your friends on all your social media networks:


Book your spot and/or attend Passion Week Ministries Events

We are constantly having various events in North America and Africa to mobilize believers so that, together we keep growing and moving until we find our place of strategic involvement in the task of world evangelization with emphasis on the Unreached People groups of Africa. We also have monthly updates, home fellowships and virtual teachings. Please book your space and share the following upcoming events with others:

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August 2024
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Request the Passion Week Partnership Manual

We launched our new decade of operation beginning at Passion Week / Easter 2021. This decade 2021-2030 is called the "Decade of Expansion" after the "Decade of Harvest" that just ran from 2010 to 2020. You can fill out the form below to request a copy of our partnership manual where we describe in detail all the ways you can get involved and work with Passion Week Ministries to provide social and spiritual relief services to the remaining not-yet-reached people and urban poor of Africa.

Need help? Call our Ministry support team at (800) 961-4574

Passion Week Ministries exists to mobilize, send and support Workers to provide tangible & culturally-relevant social and spiritual relief services to the Unreached People and urban poor of Africa, South of the Sahara Desert: water wells, health clinics, micro-finance, education sponsorship, church planting and rehabilitation.

Passion Week Ministries is a public charity exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 501 (c)(3).

Passion Week Ministries is also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106, or 2522.

As a donor to Passion Week Ministries, you can therefore deduct any contribution you make from your taxable income under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 170.

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