Serve as global worker: called to cross borders and cultures.

Serve as global worker: called to cross borders and cultures.

Someone who sense a call to travel cross-culturally to serve on a short term basis in one of the Unreached People groups being reached by Passion Week Ministries.

Traditional cross-cultural workers move into a different location/culture for extended period of time, sometimes for a life of service in a foreign land.

In the context of Passion Week Ministries, what we mean by Global Worker is someone whose skills, knowledge and/or abilities can be put to use in reaching the unreached people groups.

This is generally going to be a very short engagement, from a couple of weeks to a month or two, or even less. If this is a calling you have, we can work with you to facilitate your settlement into one of our sub-saharan africa mission stations.

Our Mission Stations are ready to receive you for any length of time and any skills: medical doctors, construction workers, Dentists, Eye Doctors, nurses, carpenters, building experts, computer scientists, English Teachers, leadership training, youth workers, etc.

If you are a Pastor and feel led to send a team/member of your church  to Africa, please contact us: We have towns and villages ready to receive you for evangelistic activities and other critically needed social relief services.

Please fill out the form below to receive additional details on how to Serve as global worker with Passion Week Ministries.

If you cannot go, and are willing to send others, specifically supporting a local African worker involved with the unreached people groups, please consider contributing to our Global Missions Funds or Serving as Sender.

Global Worker
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