Serve As Intercessor: prayer is the master key.

Serve As Intercessor: prayer is the master key.

Simply put, an Intercessor is the person who prays on behalf of another person or issue.

There is a difference between classic prayer and intercessory prayer. Classic prayer is automatic: we pray for the meal, for kids as they leave for school, pray as we hit the road for work, pray for a job, pray for healing and other provisions from God. We pray for what we expect God to do for us, our family, our schools, we pray for our leaders.

Intercessory prayer is most often about other people. It is intense and can be prolonged over a long period of time.

We intercede for what God wants to do. It is usually the result of a burden that God himself lays on our heart, so that we begin to feel the urgency to speak his promises on behalf of others.

In the context of the Un-reached People Missions, this is even a special kind of intercession, because God wants to bring transformation in an entire community, and he needs people to stand in the gap, to be the conduit of his blessings.

Every believer in Christ, in one way or the other prays and/or intercedes, but if you feel a special burden in your heart for not only those who don’t know Jesus Christ yet as their personal Lord and savior, but most importantly for those who have even never heard of him, then we want to talk with you. 

Sometimes, the burden only comes with information, as you learn more about the needs and the remaining unfinished task of taking the good news to the world. As you learn about the unreached people and where they currently reside or can be reached, your heart will be filled with a new kind of desire to pray.

Serving as intercessor is a crucial part of the missionary enterprise, and we have various resources and tools we want to get to you in order to get involved in that capacity.

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