The School Of Applied Passion: about the kingdom of God.

The School Of Applied Passion: about the kingdom of God.

Welcome to the School of Applied Passion where we pursue, we produce and proclaim the principles behind the Person, the Passion and the Power of Jesus Christ.

We have discovered that the Person of Jesus has to do with the existence of a Kingdom, the Passion of Jesus has to do with the Experience of a Kingdom and the Power of Jesus has to do with the Entrance into a Kingdom.

In this context, the School Of Applied Passion is our discipleship and mission exposure project.

The aim of this project is to help every believer to keep growing and moving ahead until they find their place of strategic involvement in the task of completing world evangelization.

Through this project, Passion Week local workers are able to attend additional training and seminar on pioneer mission work.

We are acquiring and distributing resources to help believers understand the nature, the urgency and the remaining task of reaching the nations, specifically the remaining unreached people groups.

Our mobilizers are available for one on one discussion, group discussion, small and big.

Please contact us to see how we can schedule a time to share the things God has flooded our hearts with, regarding the remaining unreached people groups of Africa South of the Sahara Desert, and the revelations about the Kingdom of God and the coming 1000 years reign of Jesus.

Consider sponsoring a seminar or training for one of our Local worker, or contact us if you sense a call to get involved through Passion Week Ministries.