Water for the Sahara. A life Saver.

Water for the Sahara. A life Saver.

Many people who have visited an African village and asked the people what they need more than anything else, will agree that they need water.

Many wells may have dried up and the nearest water supply may be a muddy stream which might be an hour’s walk for women and children to fetch and carry water on their heads back home.

​The only close water source may be an unprotected spring, where cattle, goats or wandering dogs drink and play, where women do the laundry, children swim and buckets are filled with unclean water for the long trek back home.

Diarrheal diseases are an underlying cause of Africa’s high infant and child mortality. Access to clean water for these populations becomes and urgent and most efficient way to curtail some of the diseases and associated consequences.

​Passion Week Ministries is responding to this challenge through the “Water for the Sahara” project, by providing wells and water purification techniques. This is paired with sanitation techniques, including the use of latrines, basic hygiene and so forth.

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